Pocky! Japanese candy!

I’m fond of Japanese candy. Why? Because they are more special for me to get then any other regular candy. You got LOADS of different candies in Japan and they are sold soo good! I order them at Jbox.com I only dislike the shipping price so if I can I order with a few friends and share the shipping cost. It’s easier, cheaper and you can get more without paying a lot for the shipping! I like it, that’s what I tell you.

The thing about Japanese candy is that they are NOT easy to find! Unless you live in Japan yourself.

There are different brands that make these candies. Here’s a small list
– Meiji
– Glico
– Nestle
– Nabisco
– Eiwa

And offcourse there are more brands that make these candies but I will keep the list short. Up next is… delicious candies! So they have marshmellows, pocky, different kitkat’s (Not the chocolate we know), oreo kinds (with green tea!), bubblegum in the weirdest flavors, gummies, sweet candy in a can, candy cones and much much more.

On this picture you see loads of different candies from Japan. And a lot of different brands as I called above. I got a few favorites and to tell you, each season they come up with new candies or at least new flavors. For halloween they have pumpkin pocky! For the winter, special winter chocolate! I can’t wait till I can order again actually but I have no money at the moment.

Now I shall give you some examples of the candy that’s bought the most in Japan. Pocky!

With doing a bit research I figured out when the first pocky was made, the original selling date was in 1966! It contains a stick, covered with chocolate. This original was soon followed by ‘Almond pocky’  in 1971. And after that one came the strawberry pocky in 1977! Today we have a lot of different flavors, sizes and boxes. Each containing their own pocky sticks.

Flavors I have found, too bad I haven’t tasted them all yet!
Chocolate, strawberry, almond,  honey (Only in spring), kiwifruit mango (Only in summer), grape, melon, green tea, kobe wine, five-fusion berry, banana, caramell, pumpkin, royal milk, honey and milk, cream cheese, berry, sweet potato, coconut, crunchy, pineapple, hazelnut, kurogoma (Black sesame), kinako (soy bean flavor), marron, blueberry, apple yoghurt, orange, tiramisu, chocolat banana, marron white and mixed berry.

A picture from all different kinds of pocky. Including flavors I called up above. Want to try some now?


~ by beautyisus on October 10, 2011.

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