Fashion bedrooms

We all have our dream room, but to make our dream room true takes some time and specially saving money. The things we want are not always cheap and in most way actually pretty expensive. So, today I will show you a few nice rooms, to get YOU inspired for your dream room, unless you already have your dream room. Get inspired for new ideas for maybe changing your room. You can decide if you want it in one style or… maybe a few matched together?

How about a book/movie themed room?

This harry potter room looks simple and pretty awesome too, it has as you can see, things that exactly refer towards the Harry potter books & Movies but it also has a bit of  items that seem to ‘match’ the rest of the room. I actually don’t think the painting (or maybe it’s a sticker) was easy to make!

This purple/pinkish room does suit me, I love those bright colors, it’s big, spacy and you can put loads of stuff in your room. It’s good bombined with a few other colors. It includes: White, black, purple and some pink. As I can see this is a low sleeper, nice!

Hmm.. an old classy room, looks a bit romantic too don’t you think? I actually don’t know if I would feel comfy in this room, looks a bit to classy for me!

This room looks very nice, simple, but cute. Nicely decorated with cute pillows and different matching colors. Yep, I like this room, what do you think of it?

Well.. even with a few pictures I’m inspired much and I guess I will start to design how I want my room. Got loads of ideas to work out! Now to only make my dream room and make it come true!


~ by beautyisus on October 9, 2011.

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