Scrub that skin!

Sooo… everybody knows a body scrub. Simply from your local store (or drugstore, this is just a regular store that does not sell drugs guys, it’s a store that sells all kinds of goods, like shampoo, haircolorings and such) or from a special store like The Body Shop. I often come there but I’m not always buying something. Simply because I’m not in the need of any items or I don’t have the money. Now what is scrubbing? Is it good or just very bad for your skin? Let me tell you the answer to that. Scrubbing is NOT bad! It removes death skin that you loose almost every day. Loosing them is natural, daily we loose over 1000 bodycells. This is the way our skin ‘will fix itself’ We can help our own skin by scrubbing!

Do we have reasons to scrub? Well there are a lot of reasons why scrubbing is good for you, let me tell you a few of those reasons! When you get older, it takes a longer time for your skin to ‘renew’ itself, young people get new bodycells within 20 till 28 days. By older people, this takes some more time.  Your body MAKES new cells as a reaction to the influence from outside like UV light and the outer atmosphere. Your skin can close itself and with a scrub you can help yourself to have a better and healthier skin. Every once in a while a scrub helps your skin, it can help for pimples and helps for a better perfusion. Also! If you scrub before you shave, it seems that your skin will get softer if you do that.  So scrubbing gives you a softened and relaxed feeling.

You have different scrubs, for face and the body. Both are different and you can almost never use a bodyscrub for your face. Why? A bodyscrub is coarser then a facialscrub. A scrub for your face is a nourishing and cleansing gel containing microspheres. If you massage your face softly it will remove dead cells and blackheads. Keep in mind that you must NOT come close to your eyes and mouth, these parts of the skin cannot handle a scrub very well. There are special libscrubs, but never use a scrub on your eyes. Scrubs for the body are coarser, you can also use a scrubglove. This skin is thicker and can handle a lot more then your facial skin. Massage the scrub all over your body but be carefull for your sensitive parts (I wouldn’t use scrub there if I where you) Afterwards wash it all off gently and use a bodylotion for your skin.

How many times may you scrub in a day, a week or a month? You can consider this with your skin type. Do you have a very dry and sensitive skin? Then use a scrub two times a month. Do you have normal to oily skin? Then you can scrub your skin one time towards two times a week. But be carefull, do not scrub to hard! Once you have removed dead skin cells you get to deal with tender, new skin cells. Better not scrub to hard because you will damage those new skin cells. Hope this post was something for you to learn about!


~ by beautyisus on October 6, 2011.

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