Japanese fashion!

Fashion is always changing, each minute, hour, day, month. Every day people design something new, make it wearable and give it to the world to wear. I love the fashion from Japan, it’s cute, wearable on the streets AND on nights out. You can combine a lot together, go for a classic look, a street look, a punkish look or any look you want. To show of some examples of different looks there, here are some pictures.

So we have ‘season outfits’. Mostly worn with jeans, high boots, a sweet top with most of the time long sleeves. Wearable on each day of the week, this time a summerish look because she’s wearing hotpants. I like the top and the expression of this girl, it gives the outfit a ‘cute fibrant’ don’t you think? I might even want to buy this top! It even seems you can combine this top with any type of jeans or skirt!

This dress is very cute for the summer, to bad summer is over already. But if you combine it with trousers it would still be cute for spring, autumn or winter. For the winter you can use a cozy vest over it! It’s such a summer dress, with a cute detail and a nice color of pink.  It’s btw gettable in more colors, a black/pink one, a white/pink one and a blue/pink one.

This outfit would be perfect for the winter! Long sleeves, it looks cozy and warm. It’s perfect to combine with neat trousers. And if you find it plain boring, just place  a belt around your waist on top of the shirt or a bigger necklace to give it more color. You can even wear it with a skirt and a legging, short boots and a cute little hat! Perfect christmas combination? I would say yes.

To top this post off, here some more outfits and even the webstore where you can buy these cute clothes!
The website where you can buy this:


~ by beautyisus on October 6, 2011.

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