Bento boxes!

At this moment I’m saving my money for buying my first bento box. I get inspired by beautiful creations and simple recipes. The urge to make one on my own is there and let me tell you, I really can’t wait to make my first bento box! I like to make sushi and onigiri and I like to stand in the kitchen when I can. But making sushi or buying the ingredients, cost more for me then the time of making something. I made my first sushi about 2 months ago and for a first try, they where perfectly okay! You can even color your food with foodcoloring, so you can make a pink heart shaped onigiri for a bento box for your beloved one!

This bento box looks absolute delicious and perfect! I wished I could make mine already now, you can buy bento boxes in different sizes, from simple ones for one dish, to a bigger one for 2 dishes. You might even buy a box with 4 small boxes like this ones. Each filled up with a small different meal. Hmm tasty! Oh if I google for bento blogs I find such special and talented people who make brilliant bento boxes and even CUTE ones!

Look at this, soo cute, onigiri with faces and veggies and all kinds of different food in it. I really want to make my own now. In the beginning, I wondered how they could make perfect round eyes or mouths but later I found out you have cutters for that. Cutters for making cute small faces or letters. Even toothpicks can fancy up a simple and boring bento box. Never again, boring meals if you start on making those! But there is one thing, making a bento box can take up some of your free time. If you want you can make one each day or one each week. It’s up to you! An original bento box contains rice, fish or meat, one or more pickled or cooked vegatables usually in a box contained shape.

In Japan you can just order a bento or buy a complete one is a store if you don’t have time to make your own. Very handy for those there then, because these are always freshly made that day or in the evening before. So you always have a healthy meal through the day! We even have a lot of variaties in different bento’s. Just to name some we have: Hokaben is a bento from any type, gettable at a take-out bento store. Hayaben is ‘early bento’ which you eat before lunch and afterwards you have a real lunch. Kamameshi bento’s are sold at train stations and is served into a clay pot, this pot will be a souvenir for you.

Already want to make your own bento?


~ by beautyisus on October 6, 2011.

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